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Advocate Rakesh Lodhi /Family lawyer/ Divorce Lawyer/138 nia cheque bounce case

Family Lawyer/ Family Advocate/ Divorce Lawyer/ Divorce Advocate/ marriage lawyer/ Marriage Advocate/ Matrimonial Advocate/ family counsel.
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🔘 In what cases, can a Contested divorce be deficult ?

It has been observed that especially when the partner destroys the evidence and accuses the woman. Rakesh Lodhi lawyer from Raipur in India pointed out that some women are not ready for divorce or to face the society and are worried whethe...

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Should one go with the documents required to get divorced?

Carry your marriage certificate, wedding invitations and wedding photos while meeting with the lawyer. When filing a disputed divorce, WhatsApp conversations, email correspondence and birth certificates of the child, among others, would...

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Who is the best family lawyer in Raipur?

The F.L. Firm is an internationally recognised law firm with over 15 years of service to the business community. The firm is a one-stop law firm for all legal matters. Their motto is "their customer should get the benefits and best results once they come ...

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Best Top Advocates» Raipur » Divorce Lawyer

🔘Best Divorce in Raipur

Expert recommended top divorce lawyer in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. All of our divorce lawyers undergo a truly rigorous 100-point inspection, which includes customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, ...

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A. हिन्दू तलाक का आधार क्या है?
ए. हिंदू विवाह अधिनियम की धारा 13 के तहत, निम्नलिखित आधार हैं:
1. क्रूरता - पार्टनर किसी भी प्रकार की मानसिक और शारीरिक चोट के अधीन होने पर तलाक का मामला दर्ज कर सकते हैं।
2. व्यभिचार - यह एक आपराधिक अपराध नहीं है बल्कि तलाक के लिए एक वैध आधार है।
3. परित्याग - ...

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आपसी सहमति से तलाक।
तलाक का यह तरीका है जहां पति और पत्नी दोनों संयुक्त रूप से तलाक के लिए याचिका दायर करते हैं।
तलाकशुदा जोड़े द्वारा एक वकील के माध्यम से अदालत में संयुक्त तलाक की याचिका दायर की जाती है।
वे एक वकील को काम पर रख सकते हैं और उसे सभी प्रासंगिक विवरण प्रदान कर सकते हैं।
कोर्ट म...

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Ease and quickest family justice system can be in Raipur in matt

Public action is the term used for cases when local authorities take action to remove children from their parental care because they are being hurt in some way. Children in such cases can be adopted and that too is dealt with by a...

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Ease and quickest family justice system can be in Raipur in matters of divorce and alimony.

The family justice system exists to help families avoid disputes as much as possible, but also to enable them to resolve those problems quickly and with minimal suffering to those involved if disputes or...

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क्या तलाक आसानी से कम समय मे हो सकता है?
रायपुर फैमिली कोर्ट में ये संभव है?

अब जब आप जानते हैं कि आपसी सहमति से तलाक क्या होता है, तो आइए एक नज़र डालते हैं कि इस तरह से तलाक लेने के लिए क्या शर्तें हैं।

पक्षकार को कम से कम एक साल के लिए अलग-अलग रहना चाहिए। यहां हमें यह ध्यान रखना चाहिए कि...

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5 months ago
The law firm includes counselling and mutual divorce, consented divorce and family matters litigation. It is very helpful to women and makes the cases easy and helpful for people. They are very hardworking and do all the legal work necessary. The work ethics is very strong and the result is always good and very fast. And makes legal matters really easy. I’d like to thank sir to give me an opportunity to intern here.
- Ishita M
a month ago
Completely professional, compassionate and helpful. Advocate Family law firm raipur CG. and the team supported me through a very hard time, and reached the best possible outcome for all involved. Divorce can be beyond stressful, however Mr Lodhi made my case very simple and dealt with full confidence. Forever grateful, best advocate raipur. BEST LAWYER RAIPUR !! My earlier lawyer was not taking any initiatives and the case had dragged for long! Finally, I contacted Mr rakesh after He was on top of mutual Divorce He kept privacy me informed about all requirements, so I was adequately prepared before each court hearing. He also made me comfortable and gave me the confidence things would go my way. I would recommend him to all those who need a family lawyer’s assistance. I was very happy with my lawyer Mr Rakesh Lodhi bhaiya, who dealt with my matter in a very professional way that gave me the confidence to continue with his services. Excellent Lawyer, He gave me some good info and dir...
- Payal R
5 months ago
This office is involved in works related to client counseling, divorce cases, marriage registration, nullity of marriages, maintenance (CrPC 125), cheque bounce matters (S. 138 N.I Act), women police station matters. Interns are given drafting work, observing court cases, client counseling, etc. Their drafting work is amazing, to the point and accurate. All clients are given privacy and no compromise is done in terms of their work. Their environment is friendly and Sir and with Ma'am both are motivating and guiding in everything. Thank you so much Sir and Ma'am for your time, knowledge and guidance that will definitely help in future. 🙏
- Yushmita S

Advocate Rakesh Lodhi Lawyer Raipur

Best Advocate in Family Court Raipur - 

Family case Solution:

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Family case Solution:

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We Do
Family Court Litigation
All family matters are solved under a roof like a divorce petition by mutual consent, mutual divorce, Contested divorce, Talaq, Khulah, maintenance petition, alimony, child custody & declaratory petition.
Family Criminal & Domestic Litigation
We handle all type of woman police station criminal case, woman, couple, girls legal help, domestic violence, 138 NIA Act, 498A IPC , 420 ipc, bail, anticipatory bail etc.

Legal Documentation
We provide legal documentation; power of attorney, will deed gift deed, sale agreement, adoption deed, release deed, legal notice, , society & trust registration.

Civil Litigation
All civil cases; summery suit, civil suit, civil appeal, partition suit, original suit, divorce suit, execution application, etc.
Family law Firm Raipur
Divorce lawyer, family advocate and marriage advocate Raipur
Family law firm
Raipur, Chhattisgarh
Online Family lawyer for legal advice and services Raipur in India:

Family and Matrimonial Disputes


Family partitions


Probates and Letter of Administration



Family disputes

Family settlements

Inheritance disputes

Family lawyer India for:

Guardianship Matters

Custody of child matters

Visitation right matters


Family lawyer India for:

Advice and documentation legal services on the subject of divorce

Mutual Divorce

Maintenance disputes


Judicial Separations

Permanent alimony

Family lawyer for:

Litigation pertaining to family disputes before all courts

Family partition suits for claiming family property

Partition by metes and bounds

Execution of will and probate through courts

Drafting and vetting of family settlements

Family lawyer for:

Legal services of Mutual Divorce before Family Courts

Filing and defending Maintenance proceedings

Filing and defending Restitution of conjugal rights petition

Launching and contesting Judicial separation matters before Family Courts

Litigation services for Permanent alimony

Defending and launching of Domestic Violence cases before all courts

All types of legal help from beginning to end in front of Family Court and District Court. Divorce and family lawyer Raipur Chhattisgarh with these facilities:

legal practice:

Women and men, couples, single anyone, everyone's legal family case or divorce. Maintenance, alimony, property rights, children's rights and protection. Counseling in Women's Police Station, Legal Help in Counseling, Sakhi Center, Love Relationship Case Help, Women's Commission proceedings with complaint in 498'A 'Criminal Defense and Domestic Violence Case.

Work Facility:

Convenient office, complete mode of visit, adequate time to meet, definite solution to all problems, convenient action, with confidentiality, in front of family court, photo printing facility including all typing and photo copy, court case in short time And all legal procedures related to marriage and marriage registration, fast work in special circumstances with certain conditions and fees, including women lawyers and employees, safe family court work, clarity, fair negotiations.

Efficient behavior and quick and convenient actions:

Full detail of all procedures is given with efficient behavior. Reasonable fees and correct guidance. Counseling is also done on the legal subject. In every critical situation, legal problems are resolved with guidance from time to time in call or office.

Secure and Privacy:

Your document and conversation are kept confidential. No one is shared with anyone and circumstances are resolved according to your honor in court too. Handling your internal matters is confidential.

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Matrimonial Dispute

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Find the Best ADVOCATES FOR MATRIMONIAL DISPUTE in Raipur. Choose Top Lawyers for Divorce cases, Annulment, Child Custody, MC, Dowry cases, Domestic Violence and all other Criminal Cases in family.

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my contact no.- 092 29 977000 
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Advocate Rakesh Lodhi / Family lawyer / Divorce Lawyer / 138 ni Chaque bounce
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